In Search of Old Wood

When you make furniture from salvaged wood you need a good supply. Marc got his stash by tearing down old buildings in the Mississippi Delta in the 80s. The reclaimed cypress has character…gorgeous grains, circular sawmarks, nail holes, textured edges, and age. If Marc needs to re-stock he can’t go to a big box store. He’s got to battle bees, snakes, poison ivy, and rusty nails to take down an old barn. It’s more work than you might think. What looks like a lot of lumber on a building turns out to be a thin skin around a whole lot of air. Take a look at our movie for two minutes of barnwood fun. 

That old barn would've been nothing but a scrap heap in the field, but now it's found new life as furniture in people's homes. Marc transformed the barn wood into tables, bookcases, cabinets, picture frames, a wine safe, and more. Here's a look at some of what that barn became. If you want in on the fun, holler and he'll make something just for you. It's what we do.